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Computer Interface for Snap Circuits© CI-73

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The CI-73 allows the SC-300 or SC-500 set to interface with a computer! With this module, you will learn about and use an oscilloscope and spectrum analyser, as you build over 73 BONUS PROJECTS using your Windows-based PC (32 projects require the SC-500). Comes with all of the interface parts you need and the software. Great for introducing electronics through a computer. Acts as a scope and allows you to see the signals in the circuit.

Download the software here

(please note this software is downloaded from an external site and is not created by Cyntech Ltd, the download is approximately 57MB)

The software in this product is not Mac-compatible, but you can find a similar Mac version a t It will not match our manual exactly, but the differences are minor and it should be easy to understand. The software at this link is not related to Cyntech Ltd or Elenco© Electronics Inc. in any way and we do not support it or accept any responsibility for it.

  • IMPORTANT This is INCLUDED with the SC750 and the UC60, UC70 and UC80 Upgrade kits