Thank You!

Dear Cyntech

I am writing to let you know that I am so happy! The reason for that is, you were so kind as to let us have loads of brilliant computing objects. The raspberry pi's are amazing, but if you hadn't have given us all the wires and bits that we needed we wouldn't have been able to enjoy them! We have learnt how to put them together in a short amount of time. As well we put our selves into groups and we looked at scratch and other tools on the pi's. I haven't had time to use the seven rules of pi but I bet it will be great like the rest of the equipment you have given us! I love the circuit kit you gave us! We had so much fun today! We worked out that if you make the fan and then turn it off the disk flies really high. We have had so much fun making alarms and lasers. We have all shared the equipment and have had the time of our lives. (I am so glad I got to be a digital leader)!

Best Wishes Shannon. Age 10 (Digital leader)

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