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Dear Cyntech I am writing to let you know that I am so happy! The reason for that is, you were so kind as to let us have loads of brilliant computing objects. The raspberry pi's are amazing, but if you hadn't have given us all the wires and bits that we needed we wouldn't have been able to enjoy them! We have learnt how to put them together in a short amount of time. As well we put our selves into groups and we looked at scratch and other tools on the pi's. I haven't had time to use...

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Hannah R

Thank you for the leads that made the Raspberry Pi's work! We've all had loads of fun making the LED lights turn on and off on scratch, a programming website. Also on scratch I have tried out the buzzer. During this process we’ve realised that we don’t need a teacher to tell us what to do. We CAN do it for ourselves, which is what the teachers have been telling us and we have found out, so we don’t need our teachers when we are adults. I especially loved our first session with the Raspberry Pi’s, when we were figuring out...

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Eben Upton - Raspberry Pi

Cyntech's wealth of experience in electro-mechanical components has enabled them to develop innovative support products for the Raspberry Pi computer that address real needs and enhance the user experience.

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I just got my Blueberry Pi and it is so cool!!! You should make them the official Pi case! Also it doesn't rattle or have holes in bad places though it needs some feet and maybe the ports labeled but that is all :) I can't stop looking at it! 

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I received my enclosure this morning, and I must say I am impressed with the quality and design.  The comparison is with a Modmypi enclosure that I have had for some time now.  In particular, I like your snap out sections for the USB and Ethernet ports - excellent when I am not using all the ports in my RaspBMC implementation. Congratulations on being second "proper case" available, but first in quality and style. 

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