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Wordclock Kit

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Build your very own Wordclock with this handy kit, perfect for sitting on your desk or shelf. Each word is displayed by the a panel of RGB LEDs, allowing each word, or even each letter to have its' own colour!

The kit can be powered by a Raspberry Pi B+/Pi 2 or Pi 3, or a Raspberry Pi Zero with the provided mounting holes cut within the case. Everything needed apart the Raspberry Pi is included in the kit, so following the instructions allows the assembly of the acrylic case, mounting of your Raspberry Pi, including hooking up the LED panel and finally your choice of front plate.

Also within the kit is 2 additional front plates perfect for creating games or displaying pixel art, or even create a music visualiser! Possibilities are endless!

Just add a Raspberry Pi and a piece of paper!

Assembly Guide:

Based on the Word Clock design by Andy Doro