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Wearable Red Car - Card Craft

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Kids love to pretend to drive, and with this 3D construction craft kit, they can do it with their very own car!

The fun begins with the craft kit pieces to put together and build the car. Once made then imagination will flow as the car can be sat in and used to imagine driving to places with its moving steering wheel.

It can also be picked up using the side handles and go wherever they want. When it is time to top up the fuel, it even has its own fuel station to fill up at. On the reverse of the station is colour-in street scene, for hours of colouring fun. Then take the car to pop to the shops. When playtime is finished it can either be parked up ready for the next playtime, or can be dismantled for more permanent storage.

Loads of fun for boys and girls! 

  • Age 3-5