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Snap Circuits SNAP 2 IT Boardgame

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Model: SC-BoardGame

A whole new way to play with snap circuits!

Power up family game night by fusing fun and Learning with SNAP 2 IT®! The SNAP CIRCUITS® board game is where strategy meets science!

1 to 4 players compete to create a winning circuit by snapping together a path of SNAP CIRCUITS® parts between their light and the communal battery pack. 

East to play: Set up the board, draw three cards, plan your path between the
battery pack and your light. The first one to make a circuit and turn on their light, wins!

Every game is unique. Play offensively, defensively, or even use parts of another
player’s circuit to win! Utilize the ‘Skip A Turn’ and ‘Wild Card’ at the perfect time to light up victory.

Average game playing time is between 10-25 minutes.

SNAP CIRCUITS® STEM toys are endorsed by K-12 educators worldwide, has become a favorite in schools, libraries, after-school, and homeschool programs, as well as a must have at-home STEM play and learning activity.

Includes 1 game board, 1 Snap Grid, 46 playing cards, 40 game pieces, 4 players lights, 1 battery pack.