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Snap Circuits® Flight Deck

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  • How does a plane fly? How does electricity work? How do you create and launch paper airplanes? How does air pressure impact aerodynamics?
  • Six projects provide hours of play, helps kids understand STEM and how the world works.
  • FLIGHT DECK® was designed to allow kids to discover the science of electricity, physics and provide hours of play.
  • The simple design and flexible application of parts allows for 6 unique projects.
    • Kids will build a paper airplanes and send them flying.
    • They will install a motor circuit and launch flying saucers.
    • Build a circuit that launches ping pong balls
    • Additional projects include creating artistic patterns on a spinning wheel and learning about air pressure by levitating balls over a fan.
  • FLIGHT DECK® includes easy to follow directions that allow kids to work independently, build confidence, and learn how the world works.
  • It's the ultimate STEM toy!