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Snap Circuits Arcade (SCA-200)

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Model: SCA-200

Snap Circuits® Arcade is an exciting introduction to problem-solving, following directions, and the satisfaction of a job well done. It's fun like an Arcade while supporting a vigorous STEM curriculum. Snap Circuits® uses building pieces with snaps to assemble different electronic circuits on a simple "rows and columns" base grid that function like the printed circuit board found in most electronic products. Each component is easily identifiable by a different colour and functional purpose. Learn the basics of electricity, engineering, and circuitry with full colour, curriculum rich, easy-to-follow instructions.


Build over 200 projects including:

  • Light Projecting Arcade Show
  • Programmable Word Fan
  • Tri-Color Light Orb
  • Memory Game

Contains over 30 parts including:

  • Disco Motor
  • LED Display and Microcontroller
  • Speaker
  • LED Programmable Word Fan


Batteries Not Included 

No need for more batteries with our Snap Circuit Battery Eliminator!


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