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Raspberry Pi5 Passive Cooling CNC Case - Box

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Introducing our state-of-the-art HeatVent Pro Case for Raspberry Pi 5, a groundbreaking solution that leverages advanced 3D heat dissipation technology to significantly enhance cooling efficiency and elevate the performance of your Pi5.

Key Features:

  1. Advanced 3D Heat Dissipation Technology: The HeatVent Pro Case utilises cutting-edge 3D heat dissipation technology, setting new standards by reducing the temperature of your Raspberry Pi 5 by an impressive 20-25°C. Experience superior cooling for optimal performance.

  2. Comprehensive Board Cooling: Engineered to cool the entire board, including the CPU, PMU, and Wireless Module, the HeatVent Pro Case ensures efficient temperature regulation across all critical components, promoting enhanced longevity and sustained reliability.

  3. Precision CNC Cut for Sharp Appearance: Crafted with precision CNC cutting, the HeatVent Pro Case boasts a sharp and modern appearance, seamlessly blending style with functionality. Elevate the visual appeal of your Raspberry Pi 5 setup while enjoying top-tier cooling capabilities.

  4. Compact Reset Button: The HeatVent Pro Case features a small reset button for convenient and discreet access, providing a streamlined user experience without compromising on design.

  5. Accessibility at Its Core: With a design focused on user convenience, the HeatVent Pro Case ensures that all interfaces are easily accessible. Enjoy hassle-free connections and modifications with every component within easy reach.

  6. Elegant in Black: The HeatVent Pro Case comes in a sleek black colour, adding a touch of sophistication to your Raspberry Pi 5 setup. Elevate the aesthetics of your project while ensuring superior heat dissipation.

  7. Optimal Size and Weight: Designed with dimensions of 92*60.8*19.5mm and weighing only 178g, the HeatVent Pro Case strikes a perfect balance between compactness and functionality. Enjoy robust heat dissipation without compromising on portability.

Upgrade your Raspberry Pi 5 experience with the HeatVent Pro Case, where 3D heat dissipation technology meets precision design for unparalleled cooling and a sleek aesthetic in timeless black.