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Microprecision Series MP9xx Emergency Stop Button

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Emergency stop button mounted on a thermoplastic or aluminium alloy housing with IP65 protection. It can also be ordered without housing for front panel assembly. The button is available as a momentary or latching mechanism, which can be released by twisting or pulling. The NC circuit is designed as a positive break operation. Up to two switching modules (either NC or NO) in any combination can be mounted to the button unit.
Housing is available as a grey, yellow or sandblasted finishing.

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Technical Specifications

Device conforms with IEC 947-5-1 and
EN 60947-5-1
Certifications UL 508 / CSA 22-2 n14
Operating temperature -25 to +70C
-13F to 158F
Degree of protection IP65
Mechanical life 3x10
Conventional free air thermal current Ith 10A
Rated insulation voltage (degree of pollution 3) 660V
Rated operational current AC-15 240VAC 6A
DC-13 250VDC 0.27A
Short circuit protection 10A

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