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Microprecision Series MP2xx Microswitch

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The MP200 is a IP67 sealed snap action microswitch with potted cable for demanding industrial applications. An IP68 protection with strengthened cable outlet and increased actuating force for operation in liquids is also available. All actuators are in stainless steel for maximum protection in hazardous industrial environments.

The switch can be supplied with 2 different electrical circuits. The MP210 Version is a single pole double throw microswitch for a power rating of 15A / 250VAC. In its MP220 version a single pole double break circuit can double-break a power line of up to 10A / 250VAC.

Operational Temperature rating under EN61058 is -40C to +130C, but temperature rating as well as the power rating may change based on the selected potted cable material and cross section.

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Part Sealing Contact plating Temperature range Actuator Termination / Cable
MP210-0/3150/100PVCU IP67 Silver -20C to 105C button 1m PVC, 3x1mm2, UL rated
MP210-1A/3150/100PVCU IP67 Silver -20C to 105C telescopic 1m PVC, 3x1mm2, UL rated
MP210-1BL/3150/100PVCU IP67 Silver -20C to 105C telescopic w. roller plunger 1m PVC, 3x1mm2, UL rated
MP210-5AL/3150/100PVCU IP67 Silver -20C to 105C roller lever, indirect action 1m PVC, 3x1mm2, UL rated

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Technical Specifications




EN 61058-1

UL 61058-1

upon request CSA C22.2

EN 61058-1



EN 61058 50'000 cycles

UL 61058 50'000 cycles

CSA C22.2 6'000 cycles

EN 61058 50'000 cycles

UL 61058 50'000 cycles

Power rating

250VAC / 15A - Wires 1.50 mm2

400VAC / 10A - Wires 1.00 mm2

250VAC / 10A - Wires 1.00 mm2

Housing Glass fiber reinforced (PBT or PA 6T/66)
Plunger PC
Membrane Fluorsilicone - Upon request other material
Mechanism Snap-action with blade in Beryllium Copper
Contact material Fine Silver, Gold contact upon request
Termination cable

PVC -20C to 105C

PVCU -20 to 105C (UL approval)

PUR -40C to 90C

SI -40C to 130C

Actuator All parts in stainless steel
Degree of protection

IP67 - Upon request IP68

Class of protection II
Micro-switch ׬
Contac-gap 0.80 mm

DIN 41 635, E - form

49 x 35 x 17.5 mm

Operating range force 0.2 to 6.0 N, depending on actuator

Operating temperature housing

(cable choice may lower temperature)

EN 61058 -40C to +130C (PBT and PA 6T/66)

UL 61058 -40C to +115C (PA 6T/66)

UL 61058 -40C to +125C (PBT)

Mechanical life 50 x 106


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Alt: PSV/10/267