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Bluetooth Hat Cubelet

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The Bluetooth Hat is your gateway to doing more with Cubelets robot blocks. Connect your robots with free apps to change what your Cubelets can do. Swap Cubelet behaviors with Personality Swap – or create your own with Blockly and C coding. The Bluetooth Hat turns every Cubelet into something new.

How Cubelets work.

Just like building blocks only smarter.

Cubelets make the principles of programming easy to learn and practice. Inside of each block is a part of a program – as you build your robot you build the code that controls its behavior. It’s hands-on coding!


Each Cubelet has a special function and belongs to one of three categories: SENSE Cubelets take in information from the robot’s environment. THINK Cubelets compute and change that information, and ACT Cubelets turn that information into physical action.

Connect at least one SENSE, THINK, and ACT Cubelet to create a robot construction.

There are three kinds of Cubelets - Sense Cubelets are black. Think Cubelets are a variety of colors - and Act Cubelets are transperant.