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E-Blox Sound Machine and Radio

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E-Blox Sound Machine and Radio

Introducing the E-Blox Sound Machine and Radio, a revolutionary STEM building blocks kit that combines fun and education in one exciting package. This dynamic science kit empowers kids to explore the world of electronics and circuitry through hands-on projects that ignite creativity and curiosity.


120 Exciting Projects, Endless Possibilities: Unleash the potential of young inventors with 120 diverse projects, including building a real working FM radio, launching a fan, lighting up a star, and much more. Kids can create masterpieces such as magnetic switches, fused motors, sirens, music, and even machine gun sounds. Tune in to your favorite radio station with a project you built yourself!

Creativity & Imagination: Our colorful building blocks come embedded with electronic components that light up and make sounds, encouraging kids to innovate as they plug together bricks and modules. This hands-on approach stimulates imagination and provides a platform for children to invent their own toys and games.

Complete Set: The kit includes everything needed to complete 120 different projects: wire blocks, press switches, lamps, speakers, LEDs, motors, volume controls, FM radio components, and more. It offers a comprehensive introduction to electricity, current, and voltage, fostering a deep understanding of these essential concepts.

STEM Toy: Designed to stimulate creativity and teach kids to explore the world through interactive storytelling, creative reasoning, and systematic building. The parts are compatible with the Power Blox line and other major brick brands, providing endless opportunities for extended play and learning.

For Kids Ages 8 & Up: The E-Blox Build Your Sound Machine & Radio Building Blocks Kit is perfect for children aged 8 and up. The included manual guides kids safely through each project, ensuring they can build their masterpieces with confidence and joy.