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USB / HDMI Cover for Cyntech Raspberry Pi 4 Case - Black

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Elevate your Raspberry Pi 4 experience with Cyntech's stunning range of Raspberry Pi cases, available in sleek black or crystal-clear designs. Designed to seamlessly integrate with your device, these cases not only enhance aesthetics but also offer superior functionality.

With our innovative clip-shut cover, you can safeguard and discreetly conceal your USB and HDMI ports. The cover features a snap-out panel specifically crafted to accommodate power or network cables while ensuring the protection of other ports.

What sets our cover apart is its unrivaled security feature. Once snapped into position, it can only be accessed by opening the case and unclipping from the inside, providing an added layer of protection for your nano WiFi/USB dongles. Plus, it prevents unauthorized access, giving you peace of mind knowing your Raspberry Pi is secure from unwanted connections or tampering.

Choose Cyntech for a combination of elegance, functionality, and security, available in both classic black and transparent clear designs, making it the ideal complement to your Raspberry Pi 4 setup.