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CircuitMess BIT - DIY Games Console

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🎮 Dive into the Ultimate Gaming Adventure with CircuitMess BIT! 🎮

Are you ready to unleash your inner gaming genius while mastering the secrets of electronics and coding? Say hello to CircuitMess BIT – the DIY Games Console that bridges the gap between nostalgia-fueled gaming and cutting-edge STEM education!

Picture this: you, your kids, and a box filled with endless possibilities. With CircuitMess BIT, you're not just building a console; you're embarking on an epic journey through gaming history, pixel by pixel. Remember those classic games that fueled your childhood fantasies? Now, imagine passing on that magic to the next generation.

Hardware and Coding Skills: 

  • Coding in MicroPython
  • Hardware Assembly
  • Creating Video Games
  • Pixel Art

But that's not all! Ever dreamt of a gaming treasure hunt? With CircuitMess BIT, dreams come true. Connect it with CircuitMess Wacky Robots to unlock exclusive games, turning every play session into an epic adventure!

Additional Information: 

  • Age 7+
  • Difficulty: 1/3
  • Build Time: 1 hour
  • No Soldering Required!

So, what are you waiting for? Step into the future of gaming with CircuitMess BIT – the DIY game console that's as educational as it is entertaining. It's time to level up your skills, unlock your creativity, and embark on the ultimate gaming odyssey. Are you ready to join the revolution?