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Artec Robo: Links Advanced

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Artec Robo Links Advanced is a building kit which allows you to create motorised, moving robots. Simply attach the blocks together, add the motor and battery box and watch your robot go! This was created to introduce children to the world of mechnics and engineering. It covers basic concepts such as: force movement and how these are transmitted in real life using motors gears and linkages.

Artec Robo Links Advanced builds on the Robo Links Basic by adding 5 extra projects! In this kit you will recieve both a Robo Links Basic and a Robo Links Advanced.

Build 9 projects including:

  • Snappy Alligator
  • At your Service
  • Target Practice
  • Frogbot

No screws or tools required, just build it up, turn it on and watch it go! Once you're finished with all your projects use your imagination to think up something unique and creative!

Artec Robo Links Advanced comes with fully illustrated instruction manual that guides you step by step and was developed in accordance with the most recent educational standrads in engineering. Using this kit children can establish a connection between theoretical knowledge and application in real life.

Contains extra parts including:

  • Gears
  • Tires
  • Base Plates
  • Extra Blocks

 Introduces everyday mechnisms such as: 

  • Parallel cranks
  • Lever cranks
  • Parallel slider cranks


Check it out below!