Raspberry Pi Model B+ Case

With the new B+ board revision, the Raspberry Pi Foundation solved a number of minor issues and criticisms that were expressed about the original B board. The "spider web" of cables that resulted from having input and output ports on all four sides of the unit has been effectively dimished by limiting this revision to only two side with connectors. In addition to this, an increase in the GPIO capability to 40, whilst ensuring back-compatibility through the use of the same original 26 pin layout, and an increase in USB connectivity to 4 USB ports with a higher current capability (1.2A) cements the new Model B+ as the No. 1 linux development platform in the world! 

So, with the release of the new Model B+ Raspberry Pi, and it's highly modified layout, it was back to the drawing board for our Raspberry Pi cases! 

We teamed up with ModMyPi on this one, and brainstormed. The main focus was addressing critism whilst maintaining form and function of the original e.g. we didn't want to "add", if we had to "take" from the originals. Our main focus with the casing was to think "outside the box" (pun intended). It's relatively easy to create a pretty enclosure, the key was taking it to the next level from it's predecessors. We hope you like it. . . . . 

If you're not interested in all the garble, just skip to the bottom for the fill feature list and pre-order page!

How to Build a Raspberry Pi Case

Our new Model B+ Raspberry Pi case has a number of unique features which will make it the one-case-fits-all solution for any and all Pi enthusiasts, from those wanting to use their Pi as a media centre, to kids prone to dropping things, to extreme hackers who want to built a tower of breakout boards on their Raspberry Pi! 

Problem 1 - It won't fit!

The Raspberry Pi is a universal platform for development. How do you create a case that can fit "all" breakout boards without making it too large for regular use. We have customers contacting us daily asking is "x" case will fit "y" board. It's all well and good if the top is removable, but how do you enclose it once the tinkering's finished?

Solution 1 - We create a case that grows!

The key here was seating the Raspberry Pi into the base, enabling the use of a spacer element, which effectively raises the internal height of the casing increasing the amount of space available for breakout boards. This essentially allows your Raspberry Pi case to grow as tall as need (as spacers can be stacked), enabling the use of larger breakout boards or those featuring stacking headers, breadboard projects and electronic circuits.

1. Case with Raspberry Pi

2. Fits fabulously

3. Adding a breakout board with stacking header

4. Oh no, the lid won't fit. . . . 


5. Not to worry - 10mm spacer plate added, and everything fits beautifully!


Problem 2 - My SD cards sticking out :(

The SD card cover on the Cyntech Raspberry Pi case was well liked (and the reason many people purchased it!). However, the cover itself did look a little like an afterthought, so this time we designed around this feature from the go. The problem here was making it accessible and secure at the same time. . . 

Solution 2 -  Cover it - DUH!

This one was easy. We decided to make a sexy, flush SD card cover, which is tamperproof and can be secured using a screw!

1. SD card can be inserted or extracted by the user.

2. SD card cover can be clipped in to secure the SD card, and the cover fits gorgeously flush with the casing - now that's elegant.

3. Optionally, the SD card cover can be screwed from the inside to ensure extra security.

Problem 3 - Branding & Customisation

Small scale industrial applications are a primary contributor to the success of the Raspberry Pi, and many would love a customised casing to suit their particular project. Unfortunately, the cost of creating a custom moulding for 100 - 500 units is extremely prohibitive. So, we needed to lower this cost. 

Problem 4 - Someone's nicked my dongle!

We've had many customers ask whether we can "shroud" the USB area - XBMC and Digital Signage users I'm looking at you! The problem here was creating something that didn't ostracize the rest of our customer base, but gave the optional extra functionality.

Solution 4 - Give it a Chin!

So, we decided to create a cover for the USB ports!. Although not as elegant as the SD card cover, it's more than functional, and will enable the internal seating of any Nano type USB dongle. We also added an ethernet punch-out, for the POE users and any other application you can think of.

Problem 5 - Aesthetics!

We had many compliments on the form of our original Raspberry Pi case, and Cyntech had the same with there's so hopefully we're on to a winner here too. The majority of hackers, kids & adults alike, like to see what they're tinkering with, and one of the criticism both teams received was "I can't see it!".

Solution 5 - A window of opportunity!

Remember that insert we mentioned earlier? To set the whole enclosure off, we've polished this area to an optical grade, which means on the clear version, your Raspberry Pi will be completely visible through the top like a picture frame! The rest of the case is a subtle, wear-resistant matt, so you only need to worry about polishing the top :)

We also included those deluxe looking LED status light pipes - so you'll always know what your Pi is up to!

Feature List & Further Information

So, that's it - we hope you like it! The ModMyPi & Cyntech Raspberry Pi Case Features the following:

  • Raspberry Pi Model B+ Two Part Plastic Case
  • LED Status Light Pipes
  • Raspberry Pi - Clip Fit with Optional Screw Locking (Screws Included)
  • Case - Positive and Secure Case Locking via Screws (Screws Included)
  • Optional SD Card Cover - Flush, Lockable and Tamper-Proof
  • Optional 10mm Spacer Plate - Raises Internal Heigh by 10mm enabling the case to Grow!
  • Optional USB/LAN Shroud - Security & Dust Cover
  • Available in a Range of Colours Including Black, Blue, Clear, White and Raspberry
  • GPIO 40 Pin Ribbon Cable Slot
  • CSI Camera Cable Cable Slot
  • DSI LCD Video Cable Slot
  • Strong & Durable ABS Plastic
  • 50mm VESA Mount & Wall Mount Features
  • Matt Finish with Optical Window (Clear Version Only)
  • Designed in the UK

[Jacob - ModMyPi.com]

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