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Raspberry Pi 4 Cyntech Case

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Our best selling, trusted and secure case is being updated to accommodate the Raspberry Pi 4.

The redesign still features the light pipe features for the LED's and the original microSD cover from the Pi3 case still fits this new case. The USB cover has been redesigned and can fit both the power and the USB/RJ45 areas.

The lid has been given a make over allowing for a fan (supplied separately) and ventilation area. 

Features of the case are:

  • Raspberry Pi4 two part plastic case
  • Integrated LED light pipes to display the Raspberry Pi's status
  • Clear top cover on the clear version
  • Flush micro SD slot
  • GPIO slot for 40 pins ribbon cable
  • LCD/Camera cable exit slot
  • Matt finish to all surfaces (apart from lid)
  • VESA mount
  • Wall mount feature
  • Pi secured via up to 4 screws
  • Additional covers available to protect the ports from dust
  • Spacer - 10mm spacer sits between base and lid so you can leave accessories on GPIO and put lid on (spacers are stackable)
  • Available in 2 colours
  • Designed in the UK

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