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RetroPie Arcade Starter Pack

RetroPie Arcade Starter Pack


Do you miss the old retro arcade games of yesteryear? The days of collecting Pokemon, knocking off Donkey Kong from the tower or chasing blue ghosts through endless mazes - until they turn back - Can be relived in full HD Quality (TV permitting) thanks to this fantastic kit.

Included in the Starter Pack is everything needed to get create your own low cost home entertainment system. Kit includes 2 NES style controllers, Raspberry Pi 3, Raspberry Pi case and an 8GB micro SD card preinstalled with RetroPie v3.0 ready to boot up and start.

Thanks to the dedicated work of RetroPie for putting all the greatest emulators together in one easy to use place, you can add your games for a huge variety of consoles and choose what to play in an XBMC style menu.


Already got a Raspberry Pi but want to play your favourite games? The Upgrade pack is here!


Kit includes:

2 USB NES style controllers

1 Raspberry Pi 3

1 Raspberry Pi Case

1 MicroSD card preinstalled with RetroPie



The starter setup guide is available here.

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