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LISIPAROI, Camera and Stand Kit

LISIPAROI, Camera and Stand Kit


Everything you need to get your Raspberry Pi taking pictures in low or no light in a nice convenient kit.

Perfect for setting your Raspberry Pi up as a timelapse, stop motion animation or as a security camera, just add a Pi! With the excellent results of the tiny camera module, sometimes a bit more light is needed to get a decent picture, this is where the LISIPAROI comes in to its own.

Controllable by a single GPIO pin, the lights can be turned on or off when needed which helps save power when battery power is being used.

Included is a flexible gooseneck stand which plugs in to the audio jack of the Raspberry Pi, and mounts the LISIPAROI with camera on the end.

More information on the LISIPAROI can be found at

Kit contents:

Camera module

LISIPAROI to suit camera

Screws to mount LISIPAROI to the camera module

Flexible gooseneck with 3.5mm jack connector

4 Female to female jumper cables (colours may vary)

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