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GPIO Label Board (B Grade - Read Description)

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An additional safe guard whilst prototyping with your Raspberry Pi, so you know exactly which pins you are connecting jumper wires to.

Simply pop the board over the Raspberry Pi GPIO pins for an instant label, allowing jumper wires, hats or probs to be connected quickly and easily.

The label board is double sided, with one side showing the BCM GPIO numbering, perfect for Python to make hooking up easy for the BCM numbering scheme. The reverse side is the BOARD numbering scheme, making pin counting a thing of the past, with a quick glance, know for sure which GPIO you are connecting to.

B Grade

There is a problem with the BOARD side labelling, but details of the key pins are fine (such as GND, 5v, 3v3 etc), the BCM side is all correct - So using the BCM labelling is fine - Just take care using the BOARD side.