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FLIRC USB XBMC Media Centre IR Remote for the Raspberry Pi

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The FLIRC USB dongle allows the use of any remote control with your Raspberry Pi. Configure the device on your desktop PC, then simply plug into your Pi for a perfect media centre companion. Amaze your friends and family when the tiny Pi box fixed to the back of your TV (with a Cyntech VESA mount of course) controls your entire media collection using an old DVD remote.

FLIRC learns from any remote control, not caring about different vendor protocols. Just walk through the super simple setup - pairing individual remote buttons with 'Media Centre Buttons' and you're done. Basically it's a universal IR receiver, so can be used with any remote you choose, old, new or Universal. The best part about FLIRC is that it can be used to mimic a keyboard so every media center application understands it without any drivers. You can map all keyboard functions to a remote using FLIRC and FLIRC runs across all platforms including the Raspberry Pi, so you can use it on your PC, laptop or Mac.

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