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BeagleBone Black Rev C

BeagleBone Black Rev C


The BeagleBone Black Rev C has a blistering 1GHz AM3358 processor and 512MB onboard DDR3 RAM, two 46-pin headers, micro HDMI for audio/video output, USB ports, 10/100 Ethernet and other I/O features. The Rev C is an ultra-powered embedded computer that can fit in a mint tin (not included unfortunately)

This model includes 4GB of eMMC built-in storage instead of the Rev B's 2GB. With the doubled storage and faster eMMC, allowing the BeagleBone Black to take advantage of a large variety of images available for download;

The rev C comes with a mini-B cable for powering it up ASAP. No microSD card is included as the BBB has onboard flash storage - and no SD card loading is required to get started. Just plug in to a computer, the BBB will appear as a removable USB device providing a getting started guide and how to use your new BeagleBone.

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