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Battery-free Wireless Light Switch Kit

Battery-free Wireless Light Switch Kit


This battery free portable switch features energy harvesting technology to eliminate the need for sourcing and replacing batteries, allowing an always active and accessible light remote controller.

Suitable for an environment that wiring isn't a viable option, due to material, distance or to allow the system to be removed quickly and easily. Once the receiver light switch is paired, the switch remote control can control the state of the light up to 30 meters away (distance may vary due to walls and objects), a single receiver can be controlled by multiple switch remotes allowing multiple switches for different entrances/exits.

The switches and receivers operate over 433MHz resulting in less interference with other wireless networks and technology. Installation is quick and simple with screws or double sided pads to affix the switch or receiver to a suitable place.

No batteries?

By eliminating the power source, there is no worry about the remote not working, or any need to add conduit to wire up the receiver to the switch. Every press of the switch generates enough electricity to power its internal circuitry to send a unique radio signal to turn on or off the light.

The receiver obtains its power from the input supplied, eliminating the need for additional power supplies, keeping wiring simple, tidy and clean.

Pairing and installation

Every unit ordered in pairs will already be linked together from the factory, with additional switches or receivers available to allow more complex lighting, such as 2 gang for stairwells or large rooms. Single, double and even quadruple switches are available, allowing a single switch unit the ability to control up to 4 separate receivers.

Installation is also made easy, with each switch and receiver having their own 3M double sided sticky pad to use allowing drill free or even temporary installation a breeze.

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