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Robotic 2 Wheel Drive Car Chassis

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Create your very own robotic friend with the help of this chassis and motor kit.

Perfect as a starter to easily expand your knowledge with Raspberry Pi or Arduino with this 2 wheel drive robot chassis. All that is needed is a motor driver controller, batteries and microcontroller of your choice.

To add your Raspberry Pi all you need is the RTK-000-001 motor controller board (available seperatly) and a battery pack for the Raspberry Pi.


Size: approx. 20 x 14cm(L x W)
Wheel size: 6.5cm (Dia)
Motor power supply is 3V-6V.
Battery box: 4x AA, 6v with alkaline batteries


1 x Car Chassis
2 x Gear Motors
2 x Car Tires
2 x Speed Encoder Disks
2 x Fastener
1 x Front Caster Wheel
1 x Screwdriver
1 x Battery Box (Batteries not included)