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L298N High Power Dual Motor Controller

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Drive a 2-phase bipolar stepper motor or two DC motors with the L298 dual H-Bridge chip, mounted on this handy breakout board along with all necessary peripherals!

The L298 motor driver module features:

  • Finned Aluminium Heat-sink for the L298 IC
  • Clamping Rectifiers
  • Filter Capacitors for logic-power and motor-power buses
  • On-board 5-Volt DC Regulator (A jumper selects between external 5-Volt power or the on-board 5-volt regulator.)
  • Screw Terminal connections for ground, motor power, 5-volt power, and motor outputs
  • 0.1 inch-pitch header pins for logic inputs
  • Jumpers to tie the enable inputs to ground (if desired)
  • Switches up to 2 amps per channel

The overall PC Board dimensions are 1.70" Square x 1.16" Tall. Mounting holes in each corner accept 1/8" screws or stand-offs. This module is easy to get running, with only 4 logic pins required.