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Q-bit: Harnessing the power of the Pi

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This is Os and Xs as you never seen it.

How many ways can you get 3-in-a-row in a 3x3x3 LED matrix?

The credit card size Raspberry Pi is driving up to 60 outputs in a geeky 3D version of Os and Xs. This fully LED-illuminated game will fire the imagination of the next generation of coders in school and college. Q-bit interfaces three E-profiled double sided pcbs - assembled to make a 10 x 10 x 14 cm cuboid - to the 40 pin GPIO connector. Complete with sound effects!

Python software drives nine 3-bit latches and scores the game which tallies the total number of lines each player wins. The players select their chosen LED via a 2D screen display and mouse pad, entering the x,y,z co-ordinates or clicking on the LED position.

Currently it is intended as a 2-player game to encourage interaction but the Prize Competition is out there to write a winning algorithm. The documented software can be customised to add maths challenges or just light it up to Wow - for aesthetic effect.

Q-bit is available as a kit. Each pcb requires a minimum of 146 soldered connections So is not for the faint hearted, but seeing a child deftly handling a soldering iron is a good vision for future GB. Soldering and assembly is part of the fun but assembly can be arranged for an extra fee.

Contents include: 3 pcbs, 9 data latch ICs and holders, 40 way pin connector, 3 x 26 pin connectors, 33 RGB LEDs , 60 resistors / packs, USB port, posts, nuts etc. Ribbon cables. Assembly requires skill with soldering. Instructions and website to download starter software.

Age: Assembly - Children 10+ with constant adult supervision (requires soldering iron).

Designed and made in UK. [Raspberry Pi is a trademark of the Raspberry Pi Foundation.]

Peter Gray-Read